Why we need a general baker

We're searching for the general baker to finance our research, obtain patents and found an LLC.

Most of the expenses are patents and research. And they're quite expensive, you know.

How to become a general baker

We have no fixed price for that — there will be a closed auction. This option is expensive but not so much. For example, let us be optimistic, the winning lot was $30.000. Then the project gets 30.000 bakers at the first campaign. So, the baker spent $1 per person that will get baker's message. 

Write me an email to discuss the deal: general.bakery@blackb.one

What general baker will get

General baker will get the front side of the first Kickstarter-financed batch to place there anything that is not going against the common law. In case some of the bakers are popular streamers — general baker may get famous, because of getting into the webcam. :)

What if baker's bet didn't win the auction

Then the Black Bone has two other options to place a message: back and left+right. Second and third bets of the auction will be offered to take these sides.

If you are an experienced PCB-engineer or microcontroller programmer — you can join us in our journey. Write me at get@blackb.one

Regards, AYB.