What is Black Bone about?

If you are an amateur gamer, you are definitely familiar with the situation, when you're aiming at some direction, listening to crisps and whispers around. Probably you'd like to turn your head a little to hear better one direction but can't do it because you will lose your aim for a second and this can become your last move.
It is happening because the sound scene is oriented by your character's coordinates. It moves only when your character is moving or rotating around.
We're going to change that with our Black Bone device. 
This small box will change the way you are playing your favorite game by adding one more dimension you interact with the virtual world.

How the hell you are going to do that!?

Well, this will be a separate device interfering with the sound your game is producing.
The «Black Bone» itself will be attached to the headband of your headphones. This is an active device, connected to the computer via Bluetooth.
So, the special «Black Bone» driver will get your head orientation and reflect it by remixing the sound from the game to the headphones. You can turn your head and hear the sound scene response — that's how the true surround coming to headphones.
By the way, you can listen to the music too and feel like being at the concert — moving your head will not move the musicians anymore!

I still don't get this. May you explain it in other words?

Yeah, sure, we understand that this is a completely new effort. Just like an iPhone in 2007. 
We have something better than an explanation to offer — we have an Android application, that will demonstrate you what we're talking about.
There will be few demonstration sound scenes to make you feel the in-game experience.

Take the app from Google Play!

Short instruction how to use the app:
  • Launch the app
  • Put the phone on the table and press the gyro button at the up-right corner, then go through the calibration process.
  • Plug in and wear your headphones (we advise using wired full-size headphones). Chose the demo scene, press "Play".
  • Take the phone and put it under the headband of your headphones on your head. Make sure it is placed firmly. Or hold it firmly to your chest keeping it parallel to the ground, screen up, 
  • Now try moving your head, walk around the room, and feel the magic!

Yeah, that's simple!
Do you agree that this is a true miracle? Just like a VR, but for sound and without vomits. :)

If you are an experienced PCB-engineer or microcontroller programmer — you can join us in our journey. Write me at get@blackb.one

Regards, AYB.